The Nest Collective

Chico Leco Presents—A Fashion Showcase (2013)

Chico Leco Presents—A collaborative fashion project that brought together eight fashion designers, stylists, photographers, musicians, models and directors to produce eight conceptual fashion films presented in an online showcase.

Chico Leco Presents—A Fashion Showcase (2013)

One of our first video projects, Chico Leco Presents was a collaboration between Kenyan fashion designers, filmmakers and visual artists—commissioned to create a collection of fashion pieces and short fashion films to showcase the pieces.

Production Credits—

Produced by the Nest Collective
Creative Direction by Sunny Dolat
Featuring artists Katungulu Mwendwa, Nick Ondu, Sunny Dolat, Ruth Abade,
Sheila Amolo, Blackbird Designs, Dan Muchina/Abstract Omega, Mbithi Masya, Jim Chuchu
Models: Knicco Hodge, Namnyak Odupoy, Brian Onyango, Luccarelli Onyango,
Nick Mwaniki, Great Toluwase, Hivita Rogato

Nick Ondu—Urban Hunter

Nick's work is a mesmerising melange of motifs. His medium is ethnic prints: from paisley to bogolan to impressions of kuba cloth. Chico Leco presents his Fall/Winter 2013 collection - Urban Hunter - a unisex selection inspired by Man's innate ruggedness, his hunger for adventure, raw primitivism and the human need for desire.

Katungulu Mwendwa—Dinka Translation

Katungulu Mwendwa's designs are modern and edgy with an almost ethereal quality and are distinctly grounded in her rich African heritage. Her eponymous collection at the GenArt 'Fresh Faces in Fashion' show during New York Fashion Week 2012 was met with tremendous praise.

Sunny Dolat—Sunseeker

Sunny Dolat's work focuses on fit and cut with a strong interest in fine fabrics. His work maps the multiple evolving definitions of masculinity. Chico Leco presents his Fall/Winter 2013 collection - Sunseeker - which draws from his heritage to spawn a fluidly stylized collection turned out as a smooth journey through fabric, colour and print.

Ruth Abade/Black Fly—Enfant de Boheme

Ruth Abade is an alchemist with prints and colour, which teamed with her calculated cuts, is a veritable ode to the eclectic attitude. Chico Leco presents her Fall/Winter 2013 collection - Enfant De Boheme - a purposeful collaboration with the bold and theatrical results in an iconic maximalist look which is the designer's signature.

Sheila Amolo—Glamourai

Chico Leco presents Sheila Amolo's Fall/Winter 2013 collection - Glamourai - which marks her design comeback this season. With Glamourai, Sheila explores the reinvented femme fatale heavily inspired by Japanese heroines Captain Soifon from Bleach and Sakura Haruno from Naruto. Fashion short film directed by Jim Chuchu, featuring models Knicco Hodge and Hivita Rogato.

Blackbird—Retro Reflections

Zeddekiah Lukoe and Sydney Owino are the genius behind the luxury brand, Blackbird. Chico Leco presents their Fall/Winter 2013 collection - Retro Reflections. This shirt collection from the duo is a celebration of art movements, sampling Cubism, Abstract Expressionism and Deconstructivism. Fashion short film directed by Mbithi Masya, featuring models Nick Mwaniki, Brian Onyango and Great Toluwase.